3 Star White Water (Kayak/OC1)

With the 3 Star White Water Award the paddler can consider themselves an intermediate white water paddler, as they can now paddle on moving waters. This award is available as either a 3 Star White Water Kayak Award or a 3 Star White Water OC1 Award


They will do this in a competent manner as part of a led group. Paddlers will also have the knowledge and ability to help the smooth running of a trip while being led down a a river with sections up to grade two.


3 Star paddlers must:

  • Provide evidence of at least 8‐10 paddling sessions (minimum 40 hours) in varied locations where possible; this should include evidence of having paddled grade two water
  • Maintain a consistent British Canoeing 2 Star standard of performance in the appropriate craft is required for anyone starting to work towards the British Canoeing 3 Star White Water Kayak Award. It is recommended that the candidate holds the British Canoeing 2 Star Award
  • Have the ability to swim confidently in moving water, wearing normal paddling clothes


3 Star Certificates are issued to successful candidate by British Canoeing following a recommendation from the course provider, subject to the following Certification fees:

  • £12 for members
  • £25 for non-members