The 1 star is designed as an introductory / encouragement award, set at the level typically reached by most people after an introductory course with around 6 hours on the water. There are no pre-requisites and candidates do not need to be members of the BCU or Canoe Wales. The award can be taken in any type of paddlesport craft and provides those new to the sport with a clear stepping stone towards becoming a paddler.

The PDFs below give more information on what is involved in the award.

BCU 1 star syllabus

BCU 1 star trainer’s notes

BCU 1 star assessor’s notes

Find a course

Due to its introductory nature, the BCU 1 star course is run by coaches, clubs and centres whenever there is a suitable group or session. We do not require BCU 1 star courses to be registered with us and as such do not know where and when they will run. If you wish to gain your BCU 1 star award, contact your nearest club or centre.

Providing BCU 1 Star

Coaches who are BCU UKCC Level 2 or old scheme BCU Level 2 or higher can provide the BCU 2 star award – all you have to do is register with us using the star award assessor registration form. BCU UKCC Level 1 coaches can request a logbook to work towards providing the BCU 2 star.

 Taken from Canoe Wales Website